Meet Andy Talley:
Our Story

It didn’t take long for Villanova University Head Football Coach, Andy Talley, to spring his team into action after hearing about the devastating odds facing patients in need of a bone marrow transplant. What has happened since then however, is beyond anything he could have dreamed.

Get in the Game:
Save a Life

“Get in the Game. Save a Life” is a recruitment program that utilizes the power of collegiate athletics to recruit marrow donors for the Be The Match Registry®. With the support of over 169 college football teams, this nationwide endeavor has added over 155,000 donors thus far, and is responsible for an astounding 880 transplants.

Facts & Myths:
Does it Hurt?

Many people believe that being a stem cell or marrow donor requires you to go through an extremely painful procedure. Get the facts and improve your blood cancer and transplant IQ in our Facts & Myths section.

250 colleges

165,000+ donors

900+ transplants

Our Race Matters. Be The Cure.

Help Save Black Lives by Joining the Donor Registry.

Donor Spotlight


Zach was a freshman at Villanova University when he signed up to be a donor at a GITG drive on campus. “It was easy, I went and got swabbed.” A few months after he joined the registry, Zach’s father was in need of a life-saving transplant. “At the time I joined the registry, I didn’t really know what that meant. That summer I saw my dad get the transplant, I saw what happens to you and the magnitude of the situation.”
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