“Putting someone else’s well-being before my own is the ultimate goal. I would do it fifty times if given the chance.”

Shane, a University of New Hampshire graduate and a software salesman in Boston, stands out as a true hero as a two-time blood stem cell donor. Being a donor was a profound experience for Shane. His message to others is simple: take five minutes, swab your cheek, and join the registry. It can make all the difference in the world and be a lifeline for someone in need.

One morning while walking on campus during his sophomore year at UNH, Shane ran into a friend who was on the football team and told him about an opportunity to join the blood stem cell registry that day. Without hesitation, Shane eagerly participated. He recalled the registration process was very fast, taking only minutes to enter his information and provide a cheek swab.

Three months after swabbing his cheek, Shane received a phone call that he was a match for a patient in need of a blood stem cell transplant. While surprised he got a call and a call that quickly, “not participating was never an option,” said Shane. Without hesitation, Shane jumped right in with the preliminary testing and preparation for the procedure. Shortly thereafter, Shane underwent the blood stem cell donation procedure, giving a 60-year-old leukemia patient a second chance at life.

Two years after Shane’s first donation, an unexpected encore occurred. Shane was once again a match for a patient, this time a 50-year-old individual also battling leukemia. Shane didn’t hesitate and underwent his second blood stem cell donation procedure, cementing his status as a true hero. His friends jokingly asked what superpower he possessed to receive such a call twice, but for Shane, it was simply a matter of “being in the right place at the right time.”

His family and friends describe him as a good time, dependable, and hardworking. Shane’s commitment to helping those in need extends beyond the realm of stem cell donation, as his loved ones see him as a person who can be counted on and as someone who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

When Shane’s not changing lives through his incredible donations, he enjoys spending quality time with his family, girlfriend, and buddies. He finds joy in various activities such as golfing and traveling, and he’s an avid sports enthusiast who loves watching games. Additionally, Shane is no stranger to the music scene, as he admits to going to an abundance of country concerts!

Shane describes his stem cell donation experience as the “coolest thing I’ve ever done.” He emphasizes that his family supported his decision to donate wholeheartedly, with his dad accompanying him for the first procedure and his mom for the second. He admits to being in disbelief that he had been given the opportunity to help give two individuals a second chance at life through blood stem cell donation. “Putting someone else’s well-being before my own is the ultimate goal. I would do it fifty times if given the chance.”

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