It’s so easy to sign up, following through wasn’t very difficult.”

When called upon to honor his commitment to be a stem cell donor, our hero Jon was in the midst of a busy time in his life. He had just finished finals, was preparing for graduation from Lycoming College and he was moving apartments. Yet, when he got the call he was a match, he said yes without hesitation. Jon knew that call meant he was saving someone’s life. “It’s just something you don’t think about. You are very rarely given the opportunity to save a life. You are very rarely given the opportunity to save a life. So I imagine when the opportunity does arise, you would take it. And I was very happy to do that.”

A star defensive lineman on the Lycoming College Football Team, Jon was physically and mentally prepared for his donation procedure. He took a series of injections for a week prior to the procedure, which he recalls was extremely fast. “Once I was hooked up, they pumped it out in about an hour.” Jon graduated with a degree in biology from Lycoming in 2017. He and his wife Samantha live in the Knoxville, Tennessee area where Jon works at an environmental remediation company. When Jon is not saving lives, he enjoys fishing and hunting.

“It’s good to look back at these opportunities and look back at the good. I think it inspires others to do the same. And that is good enough for me. If I can inspire other people to sign up and to donate, anything to create the same result would be great!”

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