Statistics in these headers are accurate as of 9/2021

Help Save Black Lives by Joining the Donor Registry.

People of color are dying every day from blood cancer and other disorders. While this disease affects all races, Black people are the most under-represented when it comes to finding donors who could potentially save their lives.

Joining the NMDP registry is easy; black people need your help. Please read below to learn more about the importance of donating bone marrow and stem cells, the process you would go through, and the rewarding feeling you’ll get knowing that you’ve just become somebody’s hero.

A soccer player leaping to catch the ball mid-air during a game.

Why Is This So Important?

Watch the brief videos below to learn how these brave donors are helping combat a growing problem in the Black community.

Our Race Matters. Be The Cure.

Text OurRace to 61474 to add yourself to the registry.

Hear Their Stories

Watch the videos below to learn more about the donor process and why getting involved is important.

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