“It’s a slightest inconvenience for maybe a week before you make someone a lifetime of difference.”

graduate and football player from Bryant University, our hero Steve swabbed his cheek his freshman year when his team hosted a Get In The Game driveThree years later he discovered he was a match for a patient with leukemiaSteve said he “knew this man’s life depended on it” so without hesitation, Steve eagerly embraced the opportunity.       

Receiving the call was a pivotal moment for Stephen. He viewed it as one of those instances in life where he would hope for someone to do the same for him. “It was a pretty easy decision for me. It was something that I wanted to do.”

Supported by his family and friends, he proceeded with the donation during the peak of the pandemic. “Cancer wasn’t going to put itself on hold just for the pandemic,” said Stephen. Despite the challenges and anxieties associated with being in the hospital during this time, he set aside any fears and moved forward with his donation.

Stephen underwent a week of injections to prepare for the stem cell donation, which took approximately five hours to complete from start to finish. He had his stem cells removed via a central line in his neck. Although he had some initial concerns about the line, the procedure turned out to be relatively simple. Emotionally and physically, Steve felt positive afterward. He experienced minor side effects from the shots, including bone aches, but in his eyes, it was a small price to pay for the tremendous cause he was supporting. “Given what I was doing it for, it was all worth it.”

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